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Our unique value proposition is built on the foundation of leveraging advanced technology and the deep domain expertise of the founders to offer rapid, accurate, and risk-adjusted financing solutions tailored to the nuanced needs of SMEs. With a commitment to filling the substantial credit gap faced by SMEs, our approach combines deep industry experience with innovative financial products to empower businesses to grow, to hurdle the traditional barriers to financing.

With our unique credit-first approach, you do not go through a layered decision-making process of submitting applications, heavy documentation, etc., handled through administrative channels or agents.

You will engage with the senior decision-makers upfront in your very first meeting, where they can provide you with a reliable in-principal indication of the financing solution that Procredit can provide, including amounts, tenors, structures, and interest rates specifically for your business based on a face to face interview to understand of your business profile.

We ask for detailed documentation only after an in-principal agreement is in place covering key commercial terms. Final approvals take no more than 10 or 15 working days.

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